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STUDENT'S COUNCIL ELECTION - 2022-2023 | Issue of Nomination Forms(06-08-2022) | Last Date of Filling of Nomination(11-08-2022) | Withdrawal(12-08-2022) | Scrutiny of Nomination (12-08-2022) | Allotment of Lot Numbers to Candidate(13-08-2022) |Final Valid Nomination (13-08-2022) | ELECTION DATE:18-08-2022 |   UNDERTAKING BY THE CANDIDATE |   PUBLIC VIVA-VOCE EXAMINATION OF Smt. R. AMIRTHAM(F9912), FULL-TIME RESEARCH SCHOLAR, DEPT.OF RDS (SOCIAL WORK) ON 12-08-2022 AT 11.15 AM IN MOTHER THERESA HALL, AAC |   Internal Improvement June 2022 - Time Table |   Supplementary Examination June 2022 - Time Table |   Private Arrears Results - April 2022 |   Revaluation - April 2022 |   Supplementary June-2022 |   Improvement July-2022 |   Semester Results - April 2022 |   Calendar July-2022 |   REGISTRATION FOR ON-CAMPUS DRIVE,2022-2023 ACADEMIC YEAR |   FOR ADMISSION CONTACT: 6382842033 |   FEW SEATS AVAILABLE in B.Sc/B.A/BBA/B.Com /M.A/M.Sc/MCA  |   ONLINE APPLICATION (2022-2023) |   Admission Notice (2022-2023) |   Newsletter 2022 - MathSpark DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS |  
St Arul Anandar(St John de Britto), is the Patron of our college. Born in Lisbon in 1647 in a wealthy and aristocratic family and brought up in a rich and royal atmosphere, he became a Jesuit and volunteered to come to India in September 1673.

Administrative Committee

Rev. Dr. John Pragasam S.J.

Rev. Dr. Gilburt Camillus S.J.

Rev. Dr. Godwin Rufus S.J.

Rev. Bro. Joseph M S.J.
Campus Treasurer

Dr. Sundararaj A
Deputy Principal (Shift-II)

Dr. Arul Prasad S
Controller of Examinations

Dr. Shanmugaraj A
Dean - Academic

Dr. Malar Kannan S.P
Dean - Research

Dr. Nirmal Rajkumar S
Dean - Students

Ms. Henri Rita Mary S
Dean - Women Students

Dr. Valanarasu S
Coordinator - IQAC

Rev. Dr. Anbarasu S.J.
Vice Principal (Shift-I)

Dr. A. Duraisingam
Vice Principal (Shift-I)

Rev. Fr. Jayaseelan S S.J.
Vice Principal (Shift-II)

Mr. Justin Kennedy R
Vice Principal (Shift-II)

Dr. Pradeepa I
Vice Principal (Shift-II)





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