Arul Anandar College library is an integral part of the efficient teaching and learning process at AAC and it is a resource centre catering to the ever growing and superficial information and current requirements of the students, faculty members, and researchers. AAC Library is established with the intention of providing free access to printed materials and all other resources with the altruistic goal of educational enlightenment and for the welfare of our students.

Arul Anandar College library was established with a credit of 1500 books in 1970. The library functioned in the Britto Block with a carpet area of 1200 Sq.ft.In 1985 the library was shifted to the extended building of the science block and functioned there upto1995 in 1730 Sqft area. As a tribute to the silver jubilee celebration of the college, the library got extended out its carpet into a new building with a carpet area of 11,040 Sq.ft which was inaugurated by Most. Rev. Fr. M. Arokiyasamy SJ., Arch Bishop, Madurai. Today the library holds to its credit of 63000 printed books,e-books, 117 printed journals, e-journals, magazines and newspapers.

Owing to technological advancement in the field of information, the library has been automated fully with the following ILMS, SOUL and LIPS iNET 5.0. ILMS software, Dolphin LIPS iNET 5.0 for managing the enormity of the library effectively. The inauguration of library automation was held on 22nd April, 2006 by Dr. Moorthy, Director INFLIBNET, Ahmedabad. A new software SOUL and LIPS iNET 5.0 latest version was purchased exclusively for the college library automation. Two OPAC systems were installed to facilitate the students for easy accessibility. At present new web based software LIPS.iNET 5.0 has been installed.

INFONET e-access centre and browsing centre was established on 21.09.2011. A total number of 8 computer systems and one printer are allotted to this centre. The e-learning resources available in the library are CD, Spoken language video and Audios, Thesis index, periodical back issues index and online model question bank. All these can be accessed freely by the members of the library. Now new INFONET e-access browsing centre was innovated in the first floor of the library (Rev. Fr. K.C. George Hall) with 10 computer systems.

In the year 2013, a ramp was constructed for an easy access of physically disabled students at the right side of the Library and wheelchairs are also available here.

To cater to the needs of the aspirants of competitive exams, the library extended its wings as Competitive corner in 2013. This corner is adorned with 327 new books for competitive exams.

In the year 2013-14 library has introduced new web based library software namely LIPS.iNET 5.0 for the library automation, this software was developed by Dolphin Software.

A web OPAC was launched in the year 2013. OPAC provides the access to the Library database, it allows the users to know the library’s documents collection and the status of the Library Resources. OPAC permits the users to search the database by Title, Author, Subject and Accession Number of the document/book. User can access Online Public Access Catalogue from any computer connected to the LAN.

Nonstop reconnaissance is made through the CCTVs introduced in 2014. Totally 13 Surveillance Video Cameras supervise the movements in the library area, using 32’ monitors for the CCTV, so we are able to see the captures per second.

A new display shelf and safety locker were purchased, worth Rs.50, 000, to exhibit the new arrivals (books, journals) and also to display the publications of our staff members.

In the year 2014-15 the library introduced a new Card system that is mandatory for all the students. Apart from the working hours students should utilize the library with this card to enhance their reading habit. The reading hours spent in the library are marked and verified by the library staff members and according to this hour the library assignment marks are given to them.

Library extension building was inaugurated on 25th November 2016 for the Periodical Section. This section has all the Subject Journals, Periodicals, Dailies, Thesis and Project and also back issues of the Journals. It occupies 3065 Sq.ft area.

Library was fully furnished with Wi-Fi connection at 2020.Speed is 50Mbps.

Libraries are the places featuring the knowledge of the world, so do our library collects, organizes and preserves the quality resources to provide quantitate service and to enhance research in 360 degree.

The library collects rare and unique work of all academic and research to enhance quality services.

To provide quality learning experiences designed to equip students with the skills to adapt and there is a changing global environment.

The mission is to provide free and open access to a broad range of materials and services to people of all ages and background.

To facilitate student community for Higher Education and Research

To enable teaching staff for effective teaching and research

To extend facilitation for the development of the neighbourhood rural community in upgrading knowledge.

To develop perusing propensities and advance the advancement of learning.

With the available statistical tools, an attempt was made to measure the usage of the college Library by the students. The average student’s entry in the library is about 452 students per day. The average number of books circulated per day is approximately 100. Each student or reader refers to a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 documents per day. It means that a minimum of 1400 documents are referred per day.