All India Catholic University Federation (AICUF)


»   All India Catholic University Federation was founded by Rev. FR. Carty SJ in 1924 at St.Joseph's College, Tirchy.
»   AICUF functions in 12 states of India.
»   AICUF is active in more than 25 colleges in Tamil Nadu.
»   To analyze socially the various situations in India and Tamilnadu and to approach the society with social awareness.
»   To prepare the students to respond to the social issues in today's context.
»  Leadership & Personality Development
»  Social Analysis & Field Visits
»  Political Awareness
»  Street Theatre & Folk arts training
»  Journalism & Media Education
»  Criticism on Documentary Films
»  Human Rights Education
»  Summer Camps
»  Documentation
»   Developing personality and leadership quality among today's youth, with the virtues like Love, Justice, Honesty, Truth, Equality and Brotherhood.
»   Organizing Seminars, Special Talks, Debates, Group discussions to make the students socially concerned.
»   Conducting workshops to explore the multi talents of the students.
»   AICUF conducted student's election in our college on 22.08.2019. In the election, Second Year students are selected as the representatives for AICUF in the academic years of 2019-2020. AICUF portfolio has so many powers to realize the motto. In our college, we have two units of AICUF. The leaders and their portfolios are as follows:
»  J. Joshwa Mychin Raja
PresidentImmanuelSavari Raja Bharathy R
Vice-PresidentNanny Shri KrisnakanMariya Remize Raj
SecretaryNaveen Kumar 
Joint SecretaryAlexHari Vignesh
Women SecretaryNithikaHelen Leuka
Cultural SecretaryNaveen Pandi & Anuja Godson Prince
Dalit Co-ordinator Desmend
»   Leadership Camp at St. Joseph College, Thiruchirapalli, from 23.08.2019 to 25.08.2019 on the theme 'Maatram Naame'
»   Workshop entitled "SHORT FILM AND DOCUMENTRY FILM WORK SHOP from 13.09.2019 to 14.09.2019. MR.R.P.AMUTHAN" Alumni, former student of AAC and Film Director was the special invitee.
»   Guest lecture on "CHALLENGES OF THE INDIAN CONTITUTION" on 27.09.2019
»   Commemoration of Gandhi Jayanthi together with a special lecture by Dr. Anand Kumar, The Gandhigram Rural Institute-Deemed to be University, Dindigul.
»   Participated in the programme of "KEELADI VAIGAI NATHI NAAGARIGAM". It was organized by the INDIA DEMOCRATIC YOUTH ASSOCIATION AND CULTURAL ASSOCIATION in Madurai, on12.10.2019.
»   Organized a Documentary Film Fest progamme from 06. 12 .2019 to 10. 12. 2019.
»  National Level
»  State Level
»  Regional Level
»  Unit Level
»  Rev. Fr. Jayaseelan S S.J.
»  Dr. P. Xavier and Prof. C. Vijay
"We are born in an unjust society, and
we are determined not to leave it as we have found it"