A shield divided diagonally by a bar of gold appears on a maroon background.

On the right lower panel, a silver star rises above and lights up the green hills, the sky being shown in light blue, stands for a pioneering institution shedding its light on the neighbouring countryside.

On the left upper panel, a sheaf of paddy stands for agricultural plenty which the college aims at by its ideal of rural service.

A golden crest IHS with a cross and nails surmounts the shield. The Crest (IHS: the name of Jesus) is the emblem of the Society of Jesus which owns this college. On the left, a palm frond flanks the shield signifying the sacrifice made by the patron of our college, the Martyr St John de Britto (Arul Anandar) in the cause of Truth and Justice.

Following this motto, AAC strives to bring about social transformation, in the rural neighbourhood through its ideal of loving service flowing from the humanity of Jesus Christ.

At the bottom is found the motto of the college - Work, Justice and Love - inscribed in dark blue on a golden scroll. The colours Gold, Blue and Maroon stand for the ideals of Work, Justice and Love contained in the motto. Arul Anandar College professes a philosophy of hard work coupled with a passion for justice and love signifying truth especially of the marginalized.