The College has signed a sizeable number of Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs) with Companies, Industries and educational institutions. The aim of signing these MoUs is to collaborate and share expertise, assure quality and to disseminate good practices. It also aims to develop participation and cooperation in research and to share information. Given below is the list of companies, industries and institutions that have signed MoUs with AAC.

i. VBM Rasi Fire Works, Vadakkampatti, Madurai

ii. Sri Kannattal Spinning Mills Pvt. Ltd, Sivagangai

iii. Kasimeena Dairy Products, Madurai

iv. Jayaraj Annapackiam College for Women, Periyakulam

v. Ruby Food Products, Madurai

vi. Pandian Pickles Company, Madurai

vii. SNP Dairy Milk, Madurai

viii. ARK Biscuits Corporation, Madurai

xi. Mamiya Food Products, Madurai

x. LDS Tech Private Limited, Chennai

xi. Seforge Limited, Coimbatore

xii. Adhiyaman Agro Products (P) Limited, Krishnagiri

xiii. Coirflex Mattress India Private Limited, Dharmapuri

xiv. Sri Balaji Coco Products, Dharmapuri.

xv. REST Society for Research International, Kaveripattinam

xvi. Kyung Hee University, South Korea

xvii. RLFA - Researve Line Football Academy, Madurai

xviii. G.T.N. Arts College, Dindigul

xix. ICAR Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Theni

xx. Kalvi Institute Private Ltd, Madurai

xxi. Ram Bio-Tech, Dharmapuri

xxii. Microtech Pvt. Ltd, Hosur

xxiii. Lady Hawak, Coimbatore

xxiv. SKN Neutrients, Perundurai

xxv. Holy Cross Social Center, Madurai

xxvi. Sri Krishna Breeding Farm, Madurai

xxvii. Dream Trust, Dindigul

xxviii.Shant Manas India Trust, Madurai

xxix. Association for Rural Development, Madura