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Arul Anandar College (Autonomous), a Minority Catholic Co-Educational Institution, affiliated to the Madurai Kamaraj University, is one among the nine colleges, run by the Madurai Province of the Society of Jesus.

As a minority institution Arul Anandar College caters primarily to the formation of Christian students. However, it keeps its portals open to all students without discrimination of caste and creed.

The other Jesuit colleges in Tamil Nadu are:

These nine higher educational institutions under the chairmanship of the Provincial of the Jesuit Madurai Province follow a common policy for admissions, appointments and administration.)


St.Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus, was born in Spain in 1491 in a noble family. While undergoing treatment for an injury sustained in the battle at Pamplona, he read the Gospel and the Lives of Saints. He turned over a new leaf and after completion of his studies in Philosophy and Theology, he was ordained a priest in 1537. With a band of seven well-educated friends, he laid the foundation for the Society of Jesus in 1540. `The Spiritual Exercises´ and `The Constitutions of the Society of Jesus´ are his legacy to the Jesuits and the world at large. The former helps to reflect on God, Self, and the relevance of the mission of Jesus Christ to the world inviting every one to be woman and man for others and the latter contains the rules and regulations for the governance of the Society of Jesus.


St.John de Britto, Patron of the college is one of the many Jesuit missionaries who came to India and worked for the Madurai Mission. Born in Lisbon in 1647 in a wealthy and aristocratic family and brought up in a rich and royal atmosphere, he became a Jesuit and volunteered to go to India in September 1673. Brilliant and young Britto was offered a professional chair at a college in Goa but he preferred to come to Madurai and work in the interior villages. Between 1675 and 1687 he dressed himself as an Indian sannyasi (Pandaraswamy) and visited many places as Arulanandarsamy, eating only vegetarian food on plantain leaf, and squatting on the floor for study and teaching. He entered the kingdom of the Maravas, the present Ramnad and Sivaganga districts and began his work among them. Great opposition, resistance and persecution were his rewards, which he faced with a gentle smile. He had the courage to condemn the wrong doings of both the mighty and the lowly. The conversion of Prince Thadiya Thevar incensed his enemies to persecute him and he was beheaded at Oriyur on February 4, 1693. His very name `Arul Anandar´ means one who is filled with the grace and joy of Lord which he manifested by his service to humanity and perseverance in suffering.

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