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Hi friends...

A warm welcome to our Hostels.

Thank you for spending some time to browse through these pages about the hostel.

It isnt a cliché to tell you my friends that this hostel(s) is a Home Away from Home. With all humility we could say our hostel(s) has

  • 100% Rural students
  • 95% First generation learners
  • 90% Coolie farmers

A "no" from the hostel director means deprivation of an educated life to an aspiring student, a future learned citizen.

A salute all my Jesuit fathers and brothers and friendly professor who toiled in this land building brick by brick, stone by stone for forty two long years. Dear friends, as you turn a few pages browsing the activities of the hostel please feel free

  • To suggest new plans
  • Novelty in training
  • Your help in cash kind or deed
  • And your valuable prayers.

Thank you
keep smiling
Rev.Dr.S.Paul Pragash SJ

1. Administrators

Rev.Dr.S.Paul Pragash SJ
Deputy Director
Rev.Fr.Dr.Anbarasu Maria Raj, S.J.
Director,Girls Hostel
Rev.Sr. Arul Shiney SJA
Student Counsellors
Rev.Fr Savarimuthu S P S.J
Assistant Directors-Boys Hostel
Mr M.Sajan Joseph
Mr. S. Rex Rosario
Mr Prasanth Arockia Samy
Assistant Directors Girls Hostel

2. Objective

The Jesuit Community at Arul Anandar College (Autonomous) runs Arul Anandar College Hostel, mainly for the education and welfare of the economically disadvantaged rural students who come from far off places to pursue higher education.

The aim of the hostel is to help the hostellers to grow in compassion, competence and character and thus to build a just society. The hostel provides facilitates to the students to develop their talents with the view to forming them into integrated and complete persons.

Students must achieve this objective by excelling in academic, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

3. Hostel Administration

AAC Hostel is administered by the Hostel Director and his team.

The Hostel Director plays the role of the parents, taking great care for the well-being of the students.

The Deputy Director and the Assistant Directors help the Hostel Director in the smooth running of the hostel.

4. Admission

Students are admitted into the hostel ONLY after their college admission.

A student gains membership in the hostel by fulfilling all the conditions given to him and by paying the hostel fees as required.

Senior Students of the hostel need to renew their membership, especially at the beginning of every academic year.

A photo-copy of each of the following is to be submitted by the students at the time of admission: (i) Mark-Sheet of the School Leaving Certificate; (ii) Community Certificate (iii) Blood Group Certificate and (iv) Letter from the Parish Priest concerned (for Catholic Students only).

The parents must accompany their wards at the time of admission.

Contact us

Principal: 04549-287208
Secretary : 04549-287052
Minister : 04549-287420
College : 04549-287221
Residence : 04549-287421
Fax : 04549-287208
Hostel : 04549-287067
e-mail : principal@aactni.edu.in
Website : www.aactni.edu.in
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