Controller of Examinations


New coding system of course titles 2007
Common question paper for similar courses offered by different departments 2007
Getting the soft copy of question papers in CD 2008
Comprehensive papers in Major and Allied papers 2008
Uniformity in the utilization of syllabi 2009
Seating arrangements during exams are computerized 2009
20% scrutiny of single valuation answer scripts 2009
Allowing odd or even semester arrears in all semesters 2010
Central Valuation adopted and UG valuation done on the answer scripts 2010
Publishing results in the college website 2010
Pre-audit and 20% moderation of semester questions 2011
Transparency to see valued scripts 2011


Evaluation of students’ performance in examinations is done in two phases

Continuous Internal Assessment (CIA)
First Test40 Marks
Second Test40 Marks
Assignment/Composition/Seminar etc20 Marks
Total100 Marks

Internal Assessment Tests are conducted for the duration of 1 hour and 30 minutes for UG and 2 hours for PG and M.Phil., courses.

Final Semester Examinations 100 Marks


Exemptions may be given for writing the retests on the ground that the student represents the college in Sports, NSS, NCC, etc. and/or on medical grounds with prior approval of the concerned HOD(s) and the Principal.


  1. A student can apply for revaluation within the time specified by the Controller of Examinations with the due fee.
  2. For UG, revaluation is done by another internal examiner chosen by the Controller from the panel containing at least two examiners submitted by the Chair Person.
  3. Fee for revaluation
  4. UG – Rs.225/-
  5. PG – Rs.300/-
  6. For PG, double valuation is done by another internal examiner fixed by the Chair Person and also by an external examiner.
  7. Revaluation results are published and they are placed in the ensuing meeting of the Awards Committee for approval.
  8. The revalued mark is taken as final and a fresh statement of marks is issued.


  1. Students who have got a pass in the end semester examination but fail to get the prescribed aggregate minimum are eligible for Internal Improvement Test in that particular course.
  2. Such students need not take the end semester examination again in that particular course.
  3. UG students can take internal improvement tests for Part I, Part II and Part V from fifth semester onwards. They can improve Part III and Part IV after the completion of the course.
  4. PG students can take internal improvement tests after the completion of their PG program.
  5. The student must meet the concerned HOD with his mark statement and apply for the same.


  1. Oral examination in English is conducted by the Department of English at the end of each semester for I year & II year UG students.
  2. A comprehensive Oral Examination in Philosophy is held towards the end of the 6th semester for a max. of 100 marks by the Department of Philosophy.


At the end of the final semester, all the PG students submit a project report and all the M.Phil., students submit a dissertation at the end of II Semester.


Supplementary Examinations (Theory) are conducted for the papers of the final semester only.


Regular as well as Private Candidates are eligible to sit for the arrears.


If a student is found indulging in any kind of malpractice the Disciplinary Committee for Examinations will take care of the procedure.

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  • There is no prescribed minimum for CIA
  • For UG courses, passing minimum was 35% in the external and 35% in the aggregate.
  • As per Madurai Kamaraj University directions, for UG courses, passing minimum is 40% in the External and 40% in the aggregate from 2010-2011.
  • For PG, passing minimum is 45% in the external and 50% in the aggregate.
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